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In 2011, KDM was originally incorporated in the state of Dornheim, Ritterlich, on the planet of Avalorr, as the Kruger & Dalton Manufacturing Company. Johann Kruger and Dalton Krieg had a vision of a company that would someday become the largest supplier of the finest starships in the galaxy. Today, few would dispute that this dream has come true. The core of Kruger and Krieg's business philosophy was that the success of the client translated into the success of the company. Years later, this credo manifested itself in the popular adage, "Executives are promoted for buying from KDM." Franklin Gerstner—the former RJRAM UCOR chairman and SyRaM exec—arrived as KDM's chairman and CEO in 2191. Despite internal pressure to split KDM into separate, independent companies, Gerstner opted instead to forge KDM into a massive UCOR. He recognized that one of KDM's enduring strengths was its ability to provide integrated solutions for customers—someone to represent more than piece parts or components. Splitting the corp would have destroyed a unique KDM advantage. Transforming it into a UCOR solidified that edge and launched KDM into an era of great prosperity. That prosperity brought conflict, however. In 2210, KDM became embroiled in a conflict with Mitso-Ta that escalated into a full-scale war, the first such conflict between UCOR's. Open battles were fought across Cyrus and Rylaa, two planets in the Cygnus (60) system, as the two UCOR's struggled for supremacy. In 2212, KDM introduced the first CAV's, giving them a huge advantage in the struggle. In 2213, Mitso-Ta was forced to sue for peace rather than lose everything. Military manufacturers everywhere quickly copied the CAV concept, and soon they were fulfilling support roles in armies across the galaxy. In 2221, Terran forces assaulted the KDM systems Setanta (9) and TU-190 (20) plus the Ritterlich system L-45-F (27) and the Rach system Aeneas (46). As per its UCOR charter, KDM voluntarily turned over control of its military forces in the area to Ritterlich. Unfortunately Rach refused to join this alliance, and in the end Ritterlich and KDM were forced to abandon their claims to the disputed systems. In 2242, KDM's taste for warfare was satisfied even further when a three-way conflict broke out in the Pictor system among KDM, Koda Works, and Mark IV. This time, the confrontations spread like wildfire. Anywhere the three UCOR's rubbed shoulders, there was sure to be violence. The galaxy shook during the five-year war. During the Galaxy War, KDM sided with Ritterlich, although quietly. It played mostly a supporting role in that conflict, avoiding direct conflict with the Templars while supplying Ritterlich with a steady supply of ordnance and even soldiers. With the war seven years gone, KDM has resumed its place as the galactic leader in CAV's, armaments, starships, breeders, and logistics planning. While its loyalty to Ritterlich is unquestioned, KDM salesmen deal with anyone these days. After all, although some ill will still remains, the war is long over, and business is business.

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