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Battlefleet Gothic - Eldar Fleet

Battlefleet Gothic - Eldar Fleet

The Eldar race is an ancient one and their ships are amongst the most sophisticated in the galaxy. In addition, the captains and crews of the ships are arguably the best trained and most naturally able spacefarers of any race. Eldar ships move by capturing stellar energy through their sails and using this to power their movement. The amount of energy they can capture and therefore the distance they can move, depends on their facing with regard to the nearest star. Their ships are graceful and extremely maneuverable, allowing them to dart in an launch an attack and then pull back before their slower moving enemies have a chance to react. Eldar ships are protected by holofields which distort targeting sensors and make them very hard to hit, rather than offering any physical protection. However, attacks that do strike home tend to cause considerable damage to their sophisticated but fragile vessels.

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