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Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms - The Raiders

Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms - The Raiders

Space is vast and even the strongest government cannot control all its trade lanes. Raiders thrive in the recesses of the galaxy, preying on weak merchant fleets while avoiding military engagements at all costs. Though limited on a technological level, the ships of the Raiders have a certain rough efficiency that can surprise military Commanders on patrol. From the powerful Battlewagon and over-sized Strike Carrier to the common Delta-V, the Raiders have access to ships that are both cheap and plentiful, allowing them to overwhelm stronger enemies when finally cornered. If you enjoy a challenge, this is certainly the fleet for you! Though the capital ships are the equal to almost nothing else their size, they come in at relatively low Priority Levels. The Delta-V fighters, for their part, are incredibly numerous in Raider fleets and though they have weak particle guns as armament, they are good dogfighters.

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