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Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms - Narn Regime

Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms - Narn Regime

Once a peaceful and agrarian race with a tradition of personal honor, the Centauri occupation of their homeworld changed the Narn forever. Coming to Narn over a hundred years ago, the Centauri promised the primitive natives technology, law and a route to the stars. Instead, they delivered only pain, injustice and enslavement, strip-mining Narn’s natural resources to support the expansion of their Republic. During the occupation, the Narn learned to first resist, then fight in outright revolt that forced the Centauri off their homeworld. Capturing abandoned Centauri technology, the Narn quickly built their own weapons and ships, finding a new strength of purpose as they drove the Centauri out of many nearby systems to form their own great Regime. Today, the Narn are a people on the rise, for as the Centauri fail, they grow and expand yet further. A few forests have been replanted on their homeworld, but its resources still continue to be exploited at a punishing rate, this time to fuel the expanding Narn Regime. Spanning seventeen major systems, the Regime is now one of the major powers in the galaxy and shows no sign of slowing down, though colonies tend to be military outposts rather than civilian settlements. Its people remain aggressive and there still exists a bond between all Narn who have been forced to sacrifice greatly in the past to gain their liberty – most Narn will do almost anything for another. They covet any new technology or other advantage that can grant them a position of power over any other government. The initial expansion of the Narn Regime has slowed in recent years, as they have been forced to engage in diplomacy and trade rather than outright conquest but few are foolish enough to completely trust any Narn. Though lacking the more advanced technologies of the Minbari and Centauri, the Narn managed to steal much from their former masters and are driven by a thirst for vengeance, backed up by almost limitless manpower as all feel a sense of destiny propelling them forward into history. The ships of the Narn Regime can appear primitive compared to those of the other races but they are brutally effective. The G'Quan is a common sight over many alien worlds and has proved both rugged and versatile enough to be respected by many enemy admirals.

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