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Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms - Gaim Intelligence

Babylon 5 - A Call to Arms - Gaim Intelligence

The Gaim Intelligence has always had a touch of a mystery. The decisions of their centuries-old Queens from within the hive-cities of N’Chak’fa are enigmatic and sometimes without obvious rhyme or reason. Their hive-mind connects them in ways that no other species can boast, and it gives them tremendous solidarity as a species. When an idea rips through their ranks on empathic-pheromone receptors, it is as if they all understand it as their own. Unified and loyal under the Queens, the Gaim are truly alien. After joining the League and learning of others’ starships through buying and salvaging commonplace hulls from their neighbors and peers, the Gaim began secretly building their own style of vessels using their mastery of biological and architectural sciences. These new hulls, seeing only service on small excursions along local protected jump routes and asteroid fields, saw use after the majority of their ‘borrowed’ fleet was wiped out during the Shadow War. The Gaim withdrew into itself to rebuild, staying apprised of galactic affairs, but not involving themselves. Upon joining the ISA, young Queens were dispatched to the stars on specially-crafted ships, and many of the bloated insectoids were taken to the homeworlds of their peers. The fleets of the Gaim Queens were akin to honor guards, massive vessels filled with bulkheads and reinforced tubing to pack hundreds of crew drones and deadly bio-engineered warriors into tight rooms and important levels. These ships sailed on biologically-fuelled plasma, allowing the Gaim to fill their ships with their natural methane atmospheres without fear of rupture or explosion by sparking fusion engines. Why exactly the Gaim Intelligence has chosen to leave the planet to seek others is a mystery to the entire galaxy. What is known is that a young Queen landed on Earth a week before the Drakh attacked and poisoned it in 2266. The Queen, her retinue and all of the hatchling grubs were specifically susceptible to the virus and died violently in just a few days. Ever since, even the High Queens have been on the move, their gigantic hive-ships soaring through hyperspace toward some unknown and terrifying end…

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