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Enter the World of Asylum, where the United States has been reduced to a collection of walled Wards, built from former cities and surrounded by desolate Wastelands. The Sun has been gone for over a hundred years, hidden from view by the airborne algae known as Blanket Seed. And everyone has gone mad. Those in the Wards are called Inmates, and they are cared for by the Staff and watched over by the Orderlies, who are as insane as the Inmates. Fight for your survival in the violence-prone streets or up on the Beltway. Ponder who you really are, and whether any of the people nearby can be trusted. Try to eke out a living with your Occupation, selling wares or services in the bazaar-like Mall. But, most of all, whether you revel in it or despise it, accept the truth- the world is no longer sane, no longer ordered, no longer normal. Insanity can be strangely liberating.

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