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Albedo (Thoughts & Images)

Albedo (Thoughts & Images)

Albedo is a "furry" comic (i.e., the main characters are anthropomorphic animals) written by Steve Gallacci. The background starts 200 years before the "present", when the inhabitants of the world of Arras Chanka realize that they have no "history", no explanation for how their advanced civilization came into being. Even the Net, the sophisticated computer network that forms the basis of their paperless society, does not have the answer. The answer, it seemed, was in the stars, and so Arras Chanka began a program of research and development leading finally to fusion-powered spacecraft with interstellar jump drives. Many years went by, and colonies were founded on a number of worlds. Approximately twenty years ago two ethnically homogenous worlds united into what became known as the Interstellar Lepine Republic to launch an offensive campaign which seized several neighboring systems. Arras Chanka and the older colonies responded by forming the Confederation and the EDF. While "The War" has been over for some time now, cold war tensions still run high between the two governments. The Confederation has further problems as well -- many of the outlying colonies view the Confederation central government with as much distrust as the ILR, which the ILR and others are using to their advantage.

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