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Aetherium - Nanomei (32mm)

Aetherium - Nanomei (32mm)

The Nanomei are an extraordinary, decentralized collective - though there are two characteristics that seem to bind them to a single purpose: they worship the idea of freedom, and they are wild. The Nanomei are innately gifted hackers who can bend the Aetherium’s fluid reality to their will and, though they lack the power and resources of corporate houses and oligarchical governments, they have embraced the anonymity afforded by the Aetherium. They do so to resist. Always. Resist. The Nanomei inspire extraordinary reaction. They are freedom fighters to some and reckless extremists to others. They are talented. They are mundane users. They are wild. They are arbitrary. They are juvenile, vibrant, and cruel. They are anarchy itself. They are the end of civilization. They are humanity’s last hope against vile oppression.

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