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AT-43 - U.N.A. - United Nations of Ava

AT-43 - U.N.A. - United Nations of Ava

The U.N.A. has merged to become a powerful political entity in the fratricidal struggle against the Red Blok dictatorship. Their unity has been forged under the fire of the morphos invasion and has been soaked in the freezing depths of space, where the invader assembles its deadly machines. Three factions provide all that is necessary to defend the United Nations of Ava’s righteous claims and superiority. • Central Command leads the White Stars armies and takes them to victory. • The Military Industrial Complex equips the glorious U.N. soldiers with powerful combat technologies. • Union, nicknamed Syndicate by its enemies gathers the corps of defenders of order and freedom who show the splendor of U.N. ideals across the universe. To be a U.N.A. citizen is to join the defenders of Good and be part of the most advanced human power. To join the White Stars, is to become the invisible guardian of this philosophy. Equipped with the latest human technologic achievements, the White Stars demonstrate a little more every day that freedom is the most powerful weapon.

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