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AT-43 - Therians

AT-43 - Therians

The Therians are the all mighty craftsmen of a better universe, a universe organized and bent to their will. They have dedicated themselves to an extraordinary mission: each star, each planet must be transformed, remodeled. The Therians abilities are infinite and their technology is all-powerful. All the resources in the universe could only oppose a very temporary resistance. Three philosophical paths guide the prodigious therian Project: • The Cyphers take care of the proper functioning of the doom devices which are used to transform the conquered solar systems into therian heaven. • The Warriors, have developed a taste for combat along the countless battles fought against the leagued forces of the universe. They lead the troops to victory. • The Web Striders are secretly searching for the consciousness they believe lies deep inside the marvelous therian machines. One day those machines will give birth to a new algorithmical life form. All are united under the therian dream, they all seek to sweep away the pathetic opposition of the short-sighted creatures opposing them. The confrontation between the Therians, supported by their powerful technology, and the primitive animals challenging them can only end in a bloodbath. Time is the Therians’ ally because the future is on their side.

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Type: Softcover
Stock #: RKHATT01
Publish Year: 2007
Publisher: Rackham
Condition: EX-
Condition Note: name inside
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