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Paul Baader, Walter Mark, Lawrence Sangee
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As long as there have been wars, there have been mercenaries. In ancient times the Persians and Romans used mercenaries as auxiliaries. Later, Napoleon had regiments of mercenaries and George Washington used Soldiers of Fortune to train his 'Rag-Tail' army. Mercenaries rode and fought with J.E.B. Stuart and Morgan during the American Civil War and Hitler's War Machine had divisions of foreign troops spread throughout his Wehrmacht and Waffen S.S.

Elite units were often composed entirely of mercenaries, such as the Wild Geese, the French Foreign Legion, the Lafayette Esquadrille in World War I, the Lincoln Brigade in the Spanish Civil War, the S.S. Division 'Prinz Eugen' and the Americans in the Flying Tigers. In more modern times, we have seen Col. Hoare's 5 Commando in the Congo in 1964.

Whether for 'money,' 'patriotism,' or just the 'Love of Adventure,' they came; the Lafayettes and Von Steubens, the Mickey Marcuses and Mike Hoares. All rallying to foreign flags to lead, fight, and die. These are the Twilight Soldiers!

Now, you can enter the World of MERC with this role playing/skirmish game. You have everything at your fingertips to enter 'the Bush.' All you need add is imagination.

Think of the possibilities: go back to 1954 and go on patrols with the Legion in Indo-China, or search the countryside of Ireland for I.R.A. terrorists, join 5 Commando in 1964, or even lead a patrol of Soviet 103 Guard Army Airborne into the Afghan hill country. With these rules and your imagination you can visit Rhodesia, Chad, Angola, El Salvador, Panama, or even Cuba. Of course, your accommodations won't be first class and you'll have people shooting at you, but we guarantee lots of excitement.

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