#7 "4 City-State Campaign Mini-Adventures"

By: Judges Guild

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#7 "4 City-State Campaign Mini-Adventures"
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This issue brings you "Hanging Out in the City-State" by Edwared R.G. Mortimer, "The Vile File" by Will Faust, "Gateway Quadrant" by Dave Sering, "Morrow Project Report" by Bill Pixley, and "Screen Scenes" and "Magik Tomes" by C.J. Henderson. The debate on Christianity and fantasy role playing rages on with Anthony Breaux's "Presence or Absence of Christianity in FRP" and in a growing deluge of reader's letters, some of which have been reproduced in "The Town Crier" Bill Pixley gives us a review of Beasts, Men, and Gods in "From the Horse's Mouth". Adventures in this issue include a trio of Villian and vigilantes scenarios by Paul Ryan O'Connor, collectively entitled, "Enemies of Justice" and a solitaire adventure for Tunnels and Trolls by Roy Cram, titled "The Old Dwarf Mine". The Guildmember installment features four mini-scenarios which can be used seperately of can be interconnected. We have "Aeiel's Tutoring Service" by Charles Farnum, "Kthenta's Dark Repose" by Conrad Heiney, "The Runied Tower of Mabeleck" by Bill Prouty, and "The Pyramid of Suberus" by Gregg Woodcock and Christopher Weaver. Several articles are presented that deal with helping the Judge run his or her campaign, including" How to Raise Pet Dragons" by Thomas A. McCloud, "Accurate Critical Hits" by Paul Andrew Denisowski, "Make Your Cities Come Alive" by Daniel J. Henley, "Written Languages" by Mike Horn, and a well thought-out treatise on "Standardization in Fantasy Role-Playing" by Bob Bledsaw. Our fiction includes the first of a two-part adventure by C.J. Henderson titled "To The Beast," which will have you aching to hear the rest of the story and is adroitly illustrated by Russ Steffens.

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