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#4 "Tunnels & Trolls - Mountain Moor, Isle of Tirnanog Campaign Installment"

#4 "Tunnels & Trolls - Mountain Moor, Isle of Tirnanog Campaign Installment"
Sub Category: RPG Magazines
Product Line: Pegasus Magazine
Publish Year: 1981
Pages: 96
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.25"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: JUD0780
Type: Magazine


Features an eight-page dissertation on "Monotheism in Fantasy Games" by Joseph R.Ravitts. To alleviate those incongruities of melee combat, we present Perry T.Cooper's article, "A Realistic System for Handling Missile Weapon Combat", Ross E.Mosteller's "The Hit Location Chart", and Emil Parker's "But, Mr.DM, It Wouldn't Take Someone With Two Broken Arms 60 Seconds to Draw a Dagger". Dungeon humor continues with Bill Paley's fifth installment of "A Trip to the Underworld". Fiction in this issue includes Patricia Hockhalter's "Curse of the Green Lock Forest" and Michael S. Quesenberry's "With Nations Underfoot". To help you play specific classes, we have Paul Andres Denisowski's "Clerial Spell Attack" and Mark Schumann's "Making the Most of the Fighter Character". Then there's the "Character Code" by Michael S.Quesenberry, "Oh My Gawd, I Can't See" by Tim Grice, "Crime in D&D" by Adam Griffith, and the first of a continuing feature, "Hanging Out in the City-State" by Edward R.G.Mortimer. Adventures in this issue include our regular Guildmember Installment, this issue entitled "Isle of Tirnanog", and Stefan Jones's daring Tunnels and Trolls adventure, "Mountain Moor". Aaron Arocho presents us with a three-page comic, "Questing", and as usual, we present you with "Things That Go Bump in the Night".