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#3 "Isle of the Blest City State Adventure, Duck Tower Expansion Module"

#3 "Isle of the Blest City State Adventure, Duck Tower Expansion Module"
Sub Category: RPG Magazines
Product Line: Pegasus Magazine
Publish Year: 1981
Pages: 96
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.25"
Restockable: No
Type: Magazine


An interview with Dave Sering, one of the senior designers at Judgs Guild, is included this issue. Paul jaquays presents an expansion of Deathdrake Temple from Duck Tower. Charts to make the Judge's job easier abound in "Physical Descriptions" by Tom Jones, which tells how to describe nearly any given NPS with several rolls of the dice, and "Wanderer's Merchant Company" by David Mackenzie, which details the intracacies of buying and selling goods in a fantasy role-playing game and includes a Standard Cost and Measures Chart. This issue's 36-page installment to the City-State Campaign is "Isle of the Blest", by Scott Fulton. A complete description of adventuring with the Sea Mages of Goeldralf is included in the article, "Sea Mages" by Paul Elkman, and the use of catapults from land or sea is detailed in "Catapult Warfare" by Keith Bradsher. Tom Holsinger gives us an interesting Traveller variant including some necessary ship design revisions in "Traveller Combat Revisions", and Paul Andres Denisowski details encounters of the roads of fantasy in "Wilderness Roads". Also included is a Skulls and Crossbones Adventure entitled "The Adventure of Yardarm McGraw's Treasure" by Gerald Seppana. Chuck Anshell takes us on a mini-trip through new columns and articles in "Horse Feathers", and Clayton Miner presents scintilliating reviews of Arduin Adventure and Swashbuckler.