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Set of 120 Skill Markers w/No Text

By: Comixininos

Type: Miniatures Pack

Product Line: Fantasy Football Miniatures - Accessories (28mm)

120 pcs.

MSRP $69.95

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Set of 120 Skill Markers w/No Text
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Miniatures Pack


Set of 120 Skill Markers with NO TEXT. Designed by Mad & Max and made by Comixininos. The picture shows how these Skill Markers with no text will look like besides standard Skill Markers with text. The Skill Markers are provided unpainted. The color combination shown on the picture is just a suggestion of how the Skill Markers of each kind can be painted in order to identify them.

No problem if your player only got one Skill so far… Just insert the standard Skill Marker with text in one of the slots of the Square Base and then insert 3 Skill Markers with no text in the other three slots. This will allow you to insert Skill Markers without actually assigning Skills to that miniature. And the miniature will look like much better than how it would with 3 empty spots in the Square Base. And when the player earns more Skills, you can replace the Skill Markers with no text by standard Skill Markers with text, of course!!!

All the Skill Markers included in this Set are alike. They recommend you to paint them with the same color than the color that you applied for the standard Skill Marker with text. For example, if your player got the Guard Skill and you painted that Skill Marker with red color, you should also paint with red color the Skill Markers with no text that you place around the Guard Skill. You can see how this looks like in the first picture.

The flexible corners of the Square Base perfectly grab both the Skill Markers and the round base of the miniature. You can pick up and move the miniature as much as you want, or place it Prone or Stunned as often as you need, even shaking is possible… the Skill Markers will not come off, and that’s 100% guaranteed!!!

What are you waiting for, Coach? Get these Ultimate Skill Markers and play THE game totally in style from now on!

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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