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#161 w/Return to the Rock - Correigidor, 1945

By: Kokusai-Tsushin

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Command Magazine w/Games (Japanese)

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#161 w/Return to the Rock - Correigidor, 1945
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The US Army will proceed to occupy the Philippines against the Japanese Army, whose combined fleet was virtually destroyed by the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October 1944. The battle in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, which began on February 3, 1945, continued until March, ending the three-year rule of the Japanese army.

Among them, the US Army started "Topside Operation" from February 16 in order to wipe out the Japanese defense force standing on the fortress island "Corregidor" at the mouth of Manila Bay. Before the war, Corregidor Island was a fortified island owned by the US military, but after a total of four days of battle, control of the island was transferred from the Japanese army to the US military. And on March 2, Douglas MacArthur, Allied Commander-in-Chief for the Pacific Ocean, will land on Corregidor Island and will "return" with the Star-Spangled Banner.

"Corregidor 1945" is a competitive game that recreates the US military's "topside" strategy against the Japanese-occupied island of Corregidor from February 16 to 22, 1945. One player is in charge of the Japanese army and the other player is in charge of the US army.

This work is a sister work of "Iejima 1945" published in issue 155, and is a work designed by Michael Linera who adopted the area impulse system. The Area Impulse System is suitable for recreating battles that took place in limited areas and spaces, such as the deadly battles of isolated islands over several days, and was formerly known as the system used in the Arnhem Assault. Whether the Japanese army will defend the "isolated island" with a limited force against the US army, which is superior to the physical quantity... It is a work in which both armies are involved in strategy and strategy depending on the placement and operation of the troops.

In this magazine, while introducing the works of the Area Impulse System, the historical background of the appendix game and the replay article are posted. It also contains correction counters and additional markers for "Iejima 1945" published in issue 155, and additional counters used for "TANKS + a scenario" recorded in this magazine.

This is a Japanese-Language item and comes with no English components unless stated in the condition note.