A Dead Man's Guide to Dragongrin

By: Absolute Tabletop

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Roleplaying Games (Absolute Tabletop)

Last Stocked on 1/30/2022

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A Dead Man's Guide to Dragongrin
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A Dead Man’s Guide to Dragongrin includes:

  • Life in Dragongrin – Discover the dark fantasy world of Dragongrin. Learn the history of the world, meet the important figures, and dive into the lore and culture of this unique realm.

  • Character Creation – Heroes aren’t welcome, but you’ve got what it takes to be the exception. Forge your character using inspiring tables and worldly lore.

  • Heritages (7 new race options, 5e compatible) - Replacing standard race options in 5e, heritages offer new and flexible character creation options. Choose from a list of mechanical options to express how your character is unique.

  • Cultures (11 new subrace options, 5e Compatible) - Replacing the subrace options in 5e with cultures (but yielding similar mechanical results), any heritage can be matched with any culture creating virtually endless options. Choose from a list of mechanical options to express how your character fits within their culture.

  • New Backgrounds (29 new options, 5e compatible) – Over two dozeen unique backgrounds that include thematic roll tables and new background features to craft your own custom character.

  • New Subclasses (24 new options, 5e compatible) – Find two dozen brand new subclasses (two for each core class), fully unique to Dragongrin all with new mechanics

  • Class Guides - Dragongrin is a unique world, and each 5e class fits into its own distinct place within it. Each of the twelve core classes from 5e has its own detailed guide of how they fit into the world.

  • Feats and Spells (5e compatible) – Expand your character with new feats and arcane powers, including those of the volatile Bleak.

  • Character Depth – Dragongrin is filled with unique figures, and your characters are no different. Give them a history, family, and something worth fighting for in a grim world.
  • Custom Character Sheet – This three page character sheet is fully customized for Dragongrin, and includes places for all of the character creation options in the book as well the addition of tracking character subsystems (such as Infamy).
  • Dominions of Ash – Discover eleven regions of Dragongrin, each brimming with NPCs to meet, locations to explore, and missions to undertake. Each Dominion of Ash includes two ready-made adventures.

  • Darkness of Dragongrin – New subsystems such as brutal combat, treacherous travel, and gaining notorious infamy among the factions of the world come included here.

  • Wonders of Dragongrin – Explore the ancient war between the legendary Titans and Primordials, and uncover their hidden relics beneath the surface of Dragongrin. Unravel the mysteries of the arcane maelstrom known as the Bleak, and learn how the Dismembered Legion keeps it hold on a fractured realm.

  • Monstrum Auturnum – Pit heroes against a dozen varieties of armored Marrow, or unleash the mighty Behemoths of the Bleak upon the world. Each enemy includes a 5e-compatible statblock.

  • The Dismembered Lord – Encounter the tyrannical ruler of Dragongrin. Learn the history of this iconic figure, and pit heroes against two combat forms, both human and monstrous. Also included is a full section describing the Dismembered Lord's fortress, the Spire of Knowing, allowing you to force the adventurers to fight their way through the mulit-level tower before facing the Sovereign.
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