September's Corsairs

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September's Corsairs
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Following the outbreak of another world war in September 1939 the National Air Races, including its showpiece Thompson Trophy race, were suspended for the duration of the war. In September 1946 the National Air Races were back, now under the leadership of the Cleveland Air Foundation. The Thompson Trophy races, however, were changed from those of the pre-war era.

Gone were the racers built by private aircraft corporations or made by designer pilot craftsmen. In their places were war surplus fighter planes stripped of their armaments and modified for even more horsepower. The modified Corsairs, Air Cobras, Mustangs and Lightnings were flown almost exclusively by a younger generation of pilots groomed by wartime training and experience.

With no limits and few rules, the post war Thompson Trophy races portended for those who sat in a brand new purpose-built grandstand even greater thrilling aerial spectacles than those witnessed seven years before.

September's Corsairs completes the game format presentation of all of the Thompson Trophy Air Races. I am not old enough to have been able to witness any of these races, but became enthralled with their history at a very young age. I have built model kits since a child, and recall when I purchased a kit of air racer that the store proprietor told me that they raced those planes in nearby Cleveland. I must have been dubious as he then brought out of his office a scrapbook he had made when he was younger, showing me photos and souvenirs of the races he attended. The games you have now before you are the products of that initial encounter made nearly 60 years ago.

September's Corsairs is an expansion of September's Eagles game and is not a stand alone game. You must own September's Eagles to play.

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