BelloLudi 1700-1900 (English Edition)

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BelloLudi 1700-1900 (English Edition)
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Welcome to BelloLudi's strategy game! How nice that you are interested in wargaming. These rules are designed for people who have no experience with wargaming, but who love to play. BelloLudi has specially designed these rules for team building activities. During our sessions we received feedback that people thought it was a very fun game, but complicated. Now there is a rule set of eleven pages, less than the game RISK. From page thirteen we have added some extra lines. These are not necessary at first, but we can imagine that the more you play, the more you want to have some variety. Do not start there until you have played some games.

The game is designed to be played with many players, but of course it can also be played in pairs. The same goes for the number of thumbnails. We now have large collections, but if you are new to this hobby, you probably won't have that many miniatures yet. Do not fear! The structure proposed in this writing is a suggestion. With a small adjustment to the army structure, based on the available models, the game also works. Although of course it looks a lot more impressive with a filled table. Hopefully playing the game will motivate you to create your own armies.

This rule set simulates battles in the period from the year 1700 to 1900, the time historians call the long nineteenth century. Army units were lined up to take full advantage of their weapons. The musket, the type of rifle with which they were equipped at the time, was only clean at a shorter range. During a volley, all muskets were fired simultaneously towards the same target. This, of course, required iron discipline. The soldiers at the time were drilled to fight in line and march in column. Your units will do the same during the game.

In an ideal scenario, the enemy was pinned down by artillery fire, the threat of cavalry, or infantry fire. Once the enemy was pinned down, other infantry or cavalry units could be decisive in the fight. So the tactics were based on teamwork. Each unit had its own specific task and when it was carried out in concert, it often succeeded. The goal is not to destroy an enemy unit to the last man, but to deal so much damage (indicated by tokens) that the morale becomes so low that the unit can no longer fight effectively ("beaten") or in a panic. Runs off and is removed from the table. This can be achieved through a good combination of shooting, fast cavalry attacks and infantry charges.

You play the role of brigadier general or, brigadier, in a nineteenth century army. If you play with more players per side, one of the participants fulfills the role of Commander-in-Chief or General. If there is a disagreement about the rules, roll a die. The person who throws the highest is then, at that moment, right.

So forward! On to glory!

And of course: Have fun!

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