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Complete Vivimancer, The

By: Necrotic Gnome

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Labyrinth Lord (Necrotic Gnome Productions)

Last Stocked on 3/30/2021

Product Info

Complete Vivimancer, The
Gavin Norman
Publish Year


Tended by a legion of mindlessly loyal clones, abominable new life ferments in the vats of the vivimancer's laboratory. In prison cells nearby, experimental subjects are kept bound and drugged, ready for the moment of the monster's birth, the first chosen to receive its genetic seed. Meanwhile, the master's mind is elsewhere, immersed in the strange sentience of nature, watching through every insectoid eye, listening for the secrets whispered by spiders.

Expert of cloning, crossbreeding, flesh warping, genetic meddling, neural manipulation, and vat growth; master of mind slaves, mutants, symbionts, parasites, and viruses. The vivimancer is a perverter of nature, a magician whose focus is the manipulation of life to his or her own ends.

This supplement contains:

  • The complete vivimancer spell selection - everything in one place, with no need to cross-reference other rule books.
  • Over 130 new spells for Labyrinth Lord campaigns.
  • Spell lists suitable for both basic and advanced play.
  • 42 new magic items produced by the arts of bio-sorcery.
  • Guidelines for constructing and maintaining a research laboratory.
  • Mutation tables for animals, plants, and fungi.
  • Quick psionics rules.
  • Warp your campaign with the addition of the vivimancer as a player character class or a surprising and devious enemy. Alternatively, simply raid the new spells and magic items for use by existing magic-user characters.

    Suitable for use with Labyrinth Lord and other old-school adventure games.

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