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NPC Portraits Deck - Frontier Townsfolk

By: Inkwell Ideas

Type: Supplies

Product Line: NPC Portrait Decks

Last Stocked on 4/3/2021

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NPC Portraits Deck - Frontier Townsfolk
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“You arrive at a mining town on the cold frontier.” Who do your PCs meet? What adventure waits? Jump-start your creativity with a deck of characters in need of your party's assistance!

Each has a quirk and quote to help make them memorable and consistent. Bringing them to life is easy—a personality, background, and how they can be persuaded or intimidated fill out the back. These system-neutral cards feature an inclusive range of ethnicities and fantasy races.

Portrait of an NPC on one side, the character's background and personality on the back.

The deck has 54 cards (51 NPC cards, 2 cards about the town including a map, and one cover card).

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