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Bite Marks

By: Black Armada

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Role Playing Games (Black Armada)

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Bite Marks
Becky Annison
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This is a game about being a werewolf, in a Pack.

It uses the Powered by the Apocalypse system and is for 3-5 players. Bite Marks is a GM'd game and is suitable for both campaign play or a 3-6 hour single session.

The Pack is a deeply intimate and close family; like a family, sometimes it is full of love and happiness and sometimes it is brutal and dysfunctional. But love it or hate it, you can’t ignore it – it will shape you. Fearless Alpha, dedicated foot soldier, pacifist scholar or rebellious cub – your relationship with the Pack is the cornerstone of who and what you are.

In Bite Marks you’ll uncover the story of the Pack, exploring the relationships between Packmates, drawing out their loves, rivalries and betrayals. What are the cracks that could shatter the Pack and drown you in hate, and how much stress can those pressure points take before they explode?

Outside the Pack is a threatening world of violence waiting to rain down upon you: werewolf hunters, rival Packs – even a human with a smartphone and an Instagram account could all mean a bloody end for you. The Pack will face powerful threats, forcing the Packmates to choose where they fight and die; the cycle of fractures which threaten to destroy the Pack and the inescapable pull of the Pack-family dynamic is the core of the game.

This is a game about struggling with the beast inside, deciding when you will fight, protect, murder, or mutilate – whether you do these things because you love the feral life or as a sacrifice to save the family you are bound to. What does it feel like to be a part of that family?

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