Alamo and the Texas War for Independence, The - September 30, 1835 - April 21, 1836

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Alamo and the Texas War for Independence, The - September 30, 1835 - April 21, 1836
Albert A. Nofi
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It was a small war as such things go, probably no more than 2,500 men were ever engaged in a single action, both sides taken together. It was a short war too, lasting only about seven months. And it was certainly fought in what was at the time one of the most obscure corners of the world. Yet for all that, the Texas War for Independence was a heroic struggle of legendary character. Historian Albert A. Nofi chronicles the epic struggle of the Texas War for Independence in one of the most balanced accounts of the fight available. He carefully explores the many legends of the battles between the Texans and the Mexicans and exposes the truth behind the myths. The Alamo offers a strategic and tactical analysis of the war as well as technical information. Sidebars detail the weapons used by both sides, strength and casualty data of the numerous battles, orders of battle, the financing of Texan freedom and a study of a little known war at sea during the revolution. Also included are maps of military movements and the most detailed tactical map of the Battle of San Jacinto available to date. Nofi's work is an excellent merging of the social, political, economic and military history of this important episode in American history.

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