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Celtic Cyclopedia

By: Pendelhaven

Stock #: PNH0901

Product Line: Fate of the Norns - Ragnarok

MSRP $59.98

Tanganyikan Guerrilla - East African Campaign 1914-18

By: Ballantine Books

Stock #: BAL02406-6-71

Product Line: Illustrated History of the Violent Century (Ballantine Books)

Alexandria - A Library in Cinders

By: LudiCreations

Stock #: LDR1720000

Product Line: Board Games (LudiCreations)

Odyssey, The

By: Vintage Books

Product Line: Historical Novels (Vintage Books)

MSRP $9.00

(name inside, notated)

Peter the Great Humbled - The Russo Ottoman War of 1711

By: Helion & Company Limited

Product Line: Historical Books (Helion & Company)

Rogue Sword

  EX $7.00

Rogue Sword

By: Zebra Books

Product Line: Historical Novels (Zebra books)

Storming the Gap - First Strike - World War 85 Novel

By: Lock N Load Publishing

Product Line: World at War

MSRP $10.99

12th Planet, The

By: Harper Collins Publishers

Product Line: Fiction Books (Harper Collins)


  VG+/NM $15.00


By: William Morrow

Product Line: Historical Novels (William Morrow)

MSRP $22.00

38 North Yankee

By: Pocket Books

Product Line: Historical Novels (Pocket Books)

A God Somewhere

By: Wildstorm

Product Line: Graphic Novels - Superhero (Wildstorm)

MSRP $24.99

Act of War

By: Emily Bestler Books

Product Line: Novels (Emily Bestler Books)

MSRP $27.99

Adventures in the Rifle Brigade

By: DC Comics

Product Line: Misc Graphic Novels - Alternative (DC Comics)

MSRP $14.95

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The

By: Aerie Books

Product Line: Historical Novels (Aerie Books)

Agent of Byzantium

By: Baen Books

Product Line: Science Fiction Novels (Baen Books)

Air Combat - Dogfights of World War II

By: Osprey

Stock #: OSPGM282

Product Line: General Military - Assorted

MSRP $35.00

Aircraft Armaments Recognition

By: Motorbooks International

Product Line: Historical Books (Motorbooks)

(name inside and on edge of pages)

Animal Man #2

By: DC Comics

Product Line: Animal Man Comics (DC Comics)

MSRP $16.99

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