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Keyforge - Secrets of the Crucible, Maw of Abraxas (Free RPG Day 2020)

By: Fantasy Flight Games

Type: Module

Product Line: Genesys Roleplaying Game

Product Info

Keyforge - Secrets of the Crucible, Maw of Abraxas (Free RPG Day 2020)
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Undertake an exciting quest in a world where anything is possible!

In the center of the universe hangs the crucible, a gigantic artificial world created by the enigmatic Architects and home to countless being and cultures. Here, impossibly advanced technologies mix with arcane powers to make for a setting unlike any other! As one of the many diverse creatures that calls this mysterious place home, you’re always ready to deal with the extraordinary. But when the sinister and xenophobic Martian Elders steal the powerful Cube of Realities, you’re forced into an epic adventure that could decide the fate of the Crucible itself!

This Genesys adventure for Free RPG Day includes:

  • A complete set of simplified rules for playing Genesys; no other book required!
  • Four premade characters, each with their own unique powers and abilities. Play as an innovative saurian craeniac, a bold human discoverer, a wise spirit arbitrator, or a clever elf mender.
  • An engaging adventure that throws you straight into the action while teaching new players how to play the game.
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