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Banzai Magazine EX - #4 "The Longest Day of the Dead"

Banzai Magazine EX - #4 "The Longest Day of the Dead"
Category: War Games
Publish Year: 2020
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.5"
Restockable: Yes
Type: Magazine

Banzai Magazine EX - #4 "The Longest Day of the Dead"


Special Feature: Nazis, Zombies, XX, and an Insane Marriage that Fascinates Us

  • Nazi Zombie Criticism of Society (Zombie War / World War Zed: USA) Yasushi Nakaguro
  • Axis & Allies & Zombie Koji Morooka
  • If Lincoln is a Vampire Hunter, the Confederates rely on "Zebu" (The South Shall Rise Again) Takeshi Takahara
  • Why do Nazis and Antarctica attract gamers? (Neuschwabenland) 9Joe
  • A half-fish person who wants to destroy humanity! This village starts with !! (Swamp Devils from
  • Blood Bayou) Teddy Saito
  • Fukkebein vs. Dead Fortress (Dean 1945) Naohisa Takayama

      Game Review:

      • Friends who are good at mobile battles (OPERATION SERVAL) Masahiro Nakamura
      • Make Austerlitz appear (La Grande Armee 1805) Yasushi Shikauchi
      • Three Austerlitz (Naguri Wakuri)
      • What does a commander see in a terrible battlefield (Okinawa!)
      • Conquering Bomba Hyakumeizan (SCHLIEFFEN'S WAR) Katsuri Morita

          English rules not included.