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BSC ExoSkeleton 'Flash'

By: Postindustrial Games

Type: Minis Pack

Product Line: Human Interface

5 pcs.

MSRP $19.49

Product Info

BSC ExoSkeleton 'Flash'
Product Line
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Minis Pack


She was the best among us... The fastest, the most calm and collected. She would beat flight simulator records just for fun... People like that usually chicken out when things get messy. No one would hang out with her, she was a geek to us... We wished her all the worst, cause she challenged us, and we had to do our field maneuvers, fully armored till we dropped. We all knew that the day would come.

That one day everything would be totally screwed up and we would be called in. Only we had enough firepower to fight the newest cyberbodies, and so little wires in our heads not to be switched off by hackers for starters. A backup plan, just in case... And so it happened. We were summoned... We went there... And we got totally hammered... Surprisingly, not all of us got killed. We were smashed. A fully armored human can't compete with a cyborg. With one exception... She could do it... She collected us, she led us out. She was quick and effective. That's why we called her "Flash".

Box content:

  • 1 multi-parts metal miniature
  • 1 ID cards
  • 3 weapon and gear cards
  • 1 plastic bases
Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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