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Sar Angels Corporation

By: Postindustrial Games

Type: Minis Box Set

Product Line: Human Interface

5 figures

MSRP $50.95

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Sar Angels Corporation
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Minis Box Set


"We are as fast as you pay"

Can you endanger yourself and your loved ones?
Of course not, but the reality is sometimes unpredictable.
In today's world full of violence, it is not difficult for an accident.
Once that happens, we will come to the rescue. ALWAYS.

You are a victim of robbery, hostage in a bank, your new cybernetic heart just stop working ...
Do not risk your life, do not entrust it underinvested state services.

Take care of the future redemption insurance SAR Angels Corporations.

When the signal from your medchip tell us that you have a problem, our specialized team will reach you within a guaranteed contract during REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES.

Our goal is to only your safety.

Do not risk your future, please contact our agent NOW.

* Note: A full range of services, from enforcing the order, including the use of force, is available only to holders of gold and platinum subscription. In the case of shares of a CSAR (combat search and rescue) the owner of a subscription may be charged additional costs of fuel and ammunition.

Commercial of Angels Corporations Search and Rescue (SAR Angels Corp.)

Box content:

  • 5 multi-parts metal miniatures
  • 5 ID cards
  • 11 weapon and gear cards
  • 5 plastic bases
Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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