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Palace of the Vampire Queen (Classic Reprint)

By: Politically Incorrect Games/Precis Intermedia

Type: Module

Product Line: Roleplaying Games (Politically Incorrect Games/Precis Intermedia)

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Palace of the Vampire Queen (Classic Reprint)
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Precis Intermedia brings back the first known commercially-published adventure for the original Roleplaying Game (First Edition/OD&D/0E). Originally released in 1976 by Wee Warriors, Palace of the Vampire Queen is a 5-level dungeon with what was called pre-factored creatures and treasures (in other words, this is essentially a stocked dungeon). While hit points are provided for the creatures, the First Edition RPG or an OSR equivalent (B/X recommended) is required for actual rules and their descriptions.

For three centuries, the peasants of the Dwarvish island of Baylor have feared the raids of the Vampire Queen and her minions. Sweeping down at night from the palace in the shrouded peaks of the island, they range ever farther in their search for blood. The most recent victim was the Princess of Baylor, daughter of King Arman, who was taken in a midnight raid. King Arman has offered fabulous riches and land holdings with titles to the person or persons who can brave the stronghold of the Vampire Queen and return his daughter to him alive and well.

This piece of gaming history is a must for collectors and old school gamers. With the original on the extremely rare list, this classic reprint of Palace of the Vampire Queen has been remastered for a clean print, and is readily available at a low cost.

Note: SFW (safe for work) version of cover image is displayed by default, but NSFW (not safe for work) image can be toggled in the PDF (requires Adobe Reader or other PDF viewer that can handle layers).

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