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Dragon-Blooded - What Fire Has Wrought

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Dragon-Blooded - What Fire Has Wrought
Genre: RPG - Fantasy
Product Line: Exalted (3rd Edition)
Author: Christine Beard, Jacqueline Bryk, Luka Carroll
Pages: 384
Dimensions: 8.75x11x1.25"
Restockable: Yes
Type: Hardcover


For a thousand years, the Dragon-Blooded have ruled Creation from thrones of jade, secure in their power and authority as Princes of the Earth. Through command of the elements and mastery of every martial discipline, their ruling bloodlines exercise dominion over the wealth and armies of the world. Now, in this time of tumult, their hegemony is challenged by breakaway states, monsters from world’s edge, and the dreadful power of the Solar and Lunar Anathema.

This Exalted Third Edition sourcebook provides everything that players and Storytellers need to introduce the Dragon-Blooded into their story. In addition to details of life in the Scarlet Realm, Lookshy, and among a variety of outcaste groups, it covers character creation and Dragon-Blooded Charms, along with new Merits, spells, martial arts styles, and heirloom artifacts that can be included in any game.