D&D - Original Woodgrain Box (1st Printing) - David Sutherland III's Personal Copy!


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D&D - Original Woodgrain Box (1st Printing) - David Sutherland III's Personal Copy!
Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson
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A 1st edition, 1st printing copy of the Dungeons and Dragons Rulebooks is almost certainly the crown jewel of any gamer’s collection, there can be nothing more distinguished and exclusive than to be one of the elite cadre that can call one of these items their own…

Until now.

This particular copy is not simply a 1st printing, it was the personal play copy of David Sutherland III, renowned illustrator who worked for TSR from the very beginning, until its sale to Wizards of the Coast in 1997. Loved for such works as the cover of the 1st Edition AD&D Dungeon Master’s Guide, the cover of the original D&D basic box set, and the maps of the infamous Castle Ravenloft, the source of this particular set is a monumental figure to the gaming world.

And that’s just the beginning.

Another factor making this a truly unique piece of the game’s legacy is the item itself. Packed in the quintessential woodgrain box, It has no cover sheet, and may never have had one, based upon our sources. Each book bears on its cover Mr. Sutherland's name penned by his own hand in Elvish-styled runes marking them forever as his own.

Here is a breakdown of the specific condition of the components:

The box has two small dots where glue may have previously affixed a cover sheet, but ultimately whose nature is unknown. Apart from this, the box has substantial wear along its edges, but retains its full structural integrity. It is VG in condition on the whole.

Book 1 – Men & Magic has significant staining on the cover from years of being handled and the page edges are frayed from use. The center four pages (17-20) have been removed, but are still included. Several pages are notated, (#’s 11, 14-20, 22, 28) primarily with errata. Overall this book is in Fair+ condition from its long life and constant use by its most auspicious owner.

Book 2 – Monsters & Treasure has similar staining on its cover as Book 1, however it is by and in large, less soiled than that volume. The center four pages of this book (19-22) have been loosed from its staples as well but are still included. This book is also notated with various errata on many pages (2-4, 10, 14, 22-24, 32). Overall this book is in VG condition with the exception of its loose pages.

Book 3 – The Underworld & Wilderness Adventures is quite clean compared to the other two books with a slight blue discoloration on the top half of the spine in the same color as the elvish runes, and a few stray pen marks across the hippogriff on the cover. Unlike the other two books, there are no detached pages, and only one errata notation on page 18. This book is in VG/VG+ condition on the whole. This book’s cover is the slightly different cream color that is indicative of the 1st Edition Beta printing.

Reference Pages have many small stains and a couple of tiny tears in the page edges and are in overall VG condition.

Errata sheet is crisp and clean and could easily be considered EX on its own.

There is no disputing that this item is a 100% unique treasure that will dwarf just about any other singular item in any collection. The item comes with a letter of provenance detailing the story of the items acquisition from its original owner and verifying the elvish inscription as being from Mr. Sutherland. If you are not content to simply have the best, but long for the truly exquisite and historically remarkable, then this is the best opportunity you may ever have to secure this wonderfully unique collector’s treasure!

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