Scotland the Brave 2 - Monster Map Set

By: Critical Hit

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Product Line: Advanced Squad Leader - Normandy

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Scotland the Brave 2 - Monster Map Set
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North of Grainville-Sur-Odon, Normandy, 27 June 1944: As night fell on the 26th, the dispirited 10HLI gave up their attack on the hill to the south of Cheux, and settled down for the wet and miserable night ahead. Meanwhile, across the hill, Hauptsturmfuehrer Hans Siegel arrived with the last four Panzers of his company, and morning as the Highlanders prepared to renew their attack, Siegel positioned his tanks either side of the road that crossed the Salbey Stream. As the lead company of 10th HLI advanced over the crest, they were hit by a withering artillery barrage. Pressing forward, they came directly into the field of fire of Siegel’s Panzers. The tanks fired only their machine guns, maintain their concealment while saving their 75s for the inevitable British armor support. As the Highlanders lay pinned to the ground they watched one after another of their supporting Churchill’s being picked off in the crest line by the near-invisible defenders, and they scorned the Shermans of the 11th Armoured Division, motionless and buttoned up behind the battle. The only satisfaction the HIL received that day was the news of the destruction of a number of German tanks that had broken into their HQ area to the north.

You will need to own the corresponding ASLComp modules and their listed components to use the MONSTER Map sets.

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