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Sons of Ellyrion

Sons of Ellyrion
Category: Novels & Comics
Sub Category: Novels
Author: Graham McNeill
Publish Year: 2011
Pages: 416
Dimensions: 4.25x6.75x1"
Restockable: No
Type: Novel - Softcover


Ulthuan is a land at the verge of destruction. At Lothern, a fell army marches against the elven defenders of Prince Imrik and Prince Tyrion. In Averlorn, two brothers fight for forgiveness and their right to defend their people. But at Tor Elyr, the conflict will be lost and won. The druchii army, led by Morathi and Issyk Kul, battles the gathered might of the high elves in a vast, destructive conflict. But Morathi has even grander plans than this - to destroy the vortex that holds Ulthuan together, plunging the island into a nightmare domain of Chaos. The noble elves must overcome their dark cousins, or else face the end of their race.