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#361 "The Cavalry, Odds Bodkins!, Maximillian 1934"

By: Stratagem Publications

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Wargames Illustrated Magazine #351 - #400

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#361 "The Cavalry, Odds Bodkins!, Maximillian 1934"
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Take a look at what’s new and upcoming in the world of wargaming.

  • THEME: BIG MEN ON BIG HORSES - One of our friendly neighbourhood Napoleonic era buffs takes a wargamer’s eye view of the heavy cavalry at Waterloo.
  • THE FLOATING HULK - Joe McCullough provides an exclusive solo scenario for use with his Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago rules from Osprey Games.
  • THEME: SHOCK AND AWE – MEDIEVAL KNIGHTS - Just how effective was a knight on horseback, how did they evolve and then disappear, and how are they treated by a variety of popular rules?
  • DESIGNER’S NOTES: 1871 - Bruce Wiegle expounds upon the influences behind the latest expansion to his popular grand tactical rule system.
  • THEME: HORSEFLESH TO HORSEPOWER – 15TH/19TH HUSSARS - Jim Graham charts the evolution of one British cavalry unit as it moved through the ages from the horse to the armoured vehicle.
  • ODDS BODKINS! -We caught up with the ‘Best Game’ winners at The Other Partizan to find out more regarding their Battle of Crecy demonstration game.
  • THEME: BUGLES AND SABERS - Nick Buxey discusses the history of those cultural icons, the U.S. Cavalry, and explores some gaming possibilities.
  • RULES SHOWCASE: MAXIMILLIAN 1934 -It’s the 1930s, the world in which you live is a mess, what do you do about it? Why, take a car, arm and armour it up and head out into the wasteland – see you on the road, old boy!
  • THEME: PAINTING THE ROYALS - Steve Wood is back again, taking us through his technique for painting up
    some British cavalry.
  • AL HAMED - Regular contributor Pete Brown begins with a familiar tale of a wargamer sucked into a new period, and concludes by telling us how to game The Battle of Al-Hamed, in order to suck you into gaming the British in Egypt!
  • JAMES II PART IV: THE BATTLE OF SOLE BAY - The final part in our series takes a closer look at an interesting confrontation with a touch of everything which makes this period worth wargaming.
  • HOW TO: AMAIZING BASE -Nick Buxey provides us with a great method for creating North American maize fields.
  • HISTORICON PAINTING COMPETITION 2017 - We take a look at some of the excellent entries for our competition at Historicon this year, run as a joint venture with the HMGS.
  • COMPANY PROFILE: GEEK NATION TOURS - What is this company up to? Where in the world do they visit? And why should you go along on one of their excellent tours?
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