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#132 w/The Battle of the 3rd Kharkov

By: Kokusai-Tsushin

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#132 w/The Battle of the 3rd Kharkov
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In February 1943, the German 6th Army, which was exhausted by the Soviet troops' siege, surrendered at Stalingrad. More than 90,000 prisoners of war were put out and the eastern battlefield of the German army was poor due to the collapse crisis. The Soviet troops multiply this machine and the offensive force turns into an offense at a stroke. Stalin instructs the advance to the Dnieper downstream area aiming at defeating the southern wing of the German army. In contrast to the German army, General Manstein, who was approved by Hitler for flexible mobility, was trying to prevent the Soviet troops from moving forward.

This game is an original work on the theme of the third Khakhov's battle in 1943 when the German army Manstein repulsed the Soviet Army approaching Kharkov in the eastern battlefield during the Second World War.

Although this battle, which was renowned as a man-defensive game known as "a blow from the back hand (back hand / blow)", a strategy-class game that adopted the same card-driven system as the battle number 109 "Battle of Rundstedt" is. A German army who finds opportunities of counterattack while seeking victory while maintaining the front against the Soviet army approaching Kharkov. Both camps are finished in the work which the bargain which holds sweat in hand is developed on the board.

English rules not included unless otherwise stated in the condition note.

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