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Traveller - The New Era - Extended Canon

By: Far Future Enterprises

Type: Software (boxed)

Product Line: Traveller Reprints


Last Stocked on 2/6/2021

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Traveller - The New Era - Extended Canon
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Software (boxed)


On this CD-ROM: The extended canon for Traveller: The New Era are the original texts of supplementary New Era role-playing adventures and sourcebooks, plus all Challenge Magazine articles and the complete duel-ending TNE novel trilogy.

  • The Guilded Lily 1 (Adventure)
  • The Guilded Lily 2 – Belly of the Beast (Adventure)
  • The Guilded Lily 3 – Into the Darkness (Adventure)
  • The Early Fallen (Adventure)
  • Dominoes 1 – Moonshadow (Adventure)
  • Dominoes 1a – Booster Pack (Adventure)
  • Dominoes 2 – The Minds of Ishur (Adventure)
  • Dominoes 3 – The Idsur Gambit (Adventure)
  • Dominoes 4 – The Iskyar Metamorphosis (Adventure)
  • Ships 1 – Small Merchants (Sourcebook)
  • Ships 2 – Scout Ships (Sourcebook)
  • SB-1 – Out of the Darkness (Sourcebook)
  • SB-2 – Bearers of the Flame (Sourcebook)
  • SB-3 – The Spinward States (Sourcebook)
  • SB-4 – The Freedom League (Sourcebook)
  • The Death of Wisdom (Novel)
  • The Dream of Chaos (Novel)
  • The Backwards Mask (Novel)
  • The Backwards Mask with Alternate Ending (Novel)
  • Challenge Magazine 64-77 (TNE Articles)
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