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20 Sided 0-9+ Blue (Plain)

20 Sided 0-9+ Blue (Plain)
Category: Dice & Supplies
Sub Category: Dice
Publish Year: 2016
Restockable: No
Type: Supplies


Until 1980, everyone used a 20 sided die which read 0-9 two times, because 1-20 didn't exist. GMs still ask for the 0-9 twice 20, because it is a true Platonic solid.

Since 1974, Gamescience has been making dice from the highest quality plastics. Avoiding the tumbling process gives Gamescience dice a razor edge and ensures uniformity. Each face has equal opportunity to land every time. A mold-point may be noticed on one face of the die and may require some touch up with model-grade sandpaper.