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Demo Game

By: Score

Type: CCG (Pack)

Product Line: Dragon Booster CCG

13 cards

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Demo Game
Product Line
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NKG Part #
CCG (Pack)


Dragon City is a place where the different colors of dragon are bred for sport, profit and industrial use. Different colors of draconium are purified and machined into various forms of gear and accessories designed to enhance dragon power. Dragon City is the place where the power struggles of the planet are played out on the vast Elite Class racing tracks. Here, mighty racers like modern day gladiators battle in 200 mile-per-hour competitions using glowing draconium gear and dragon energy in fierce hand to hand and dragon versus dragon struggles. In the deeper parts of the city, teens race and battle on the All City Racing Circuit hoping for a shot at the big time. Below in the depths, in a place called Squire’s End, dangerous Down City Crews wait, like street gangs, trying to fight their way up, not realizing that they are the remnants of the original empires that caused the first dragon-human war.

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