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Battle for Zendikar - Intro Display (10 Decks)

Battle for Zendikar - Intro Display (10 Decks)
Category: Magic & CCG's
Sub Category: Magic, the Gathering
Publish Year: 2015
Dimensions: 8x5x3"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: WOCB2716000-D
Type: CCG (Box)
Age Range: 13 Years and Up
# Players: 2 Players


Face Unnatural Disaster

Return to the wild plane of Zendikar, where the monstrous Eldrazi threaten the entire world with destruction. Welcome to Battle for Zendikar, the latest chapter of Magic the Gathering. Each of these decks equips your players with the tools to join forces with the plane's inhabitants - and the land itself - to face off against the Eldrazi.

Swarming Instinct
The Eldrazi are loose on Zendikar in their twisted multitudes, and those monstrosities seek only to feed. Use your swarm of Eldrazi Scion tokens to overwhelm the enemy, or sacrifice them to call on even greater Eldrazi.

Rallying Cry
Allies from all over the embattled plane of Zendikar gather to face the world-devouring Eldrazi. Every addition to your squad of Allies can trigger new benefits for all of them.

Call of Blood
With the coming of the world-devouring Eldrazi, Zendikar's vampires have been forced into uneasy alliances with the plane's other inhabitants. This deck lets you combine cards that shore up your life total with creatures that get bonuses every time you gain life.

Zendrikar's Rage
Zendikar's inhabitants are ready to meet the Eldrazi head-on, and they'll have help from the plane itself. Your cards with landfall abilities provide bonuses every time a land enters the battlefield under your control!

Eldrazi Assault
Hailing from the space between planes, the Eldrazi are relentless destroyers, and the smaller Eldrazi no longer wait for their superiors to arrive. Overwhelm your opponent with wave after wave of colorless creatures, and take the fight to the inhabitants of Zendikar.

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