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Bloody Omaha East (Last Word Edition)

Bloody Omaha East (Last Word Edition)
Category: War Games
Sub Category: Advanced Squad Leader
Publish Year: 2015
Dimensions: 9x12x1"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: CRTOWASL15
Type: Ziplock


BLOODY OMAHA EAST is the mate to BLOODY OMAHA WEST and is a must-have for students of the Battle of Normandy and all ASLers.

This is the latest and final COUNTER presentation, a collection of 3 ½ sheets using familiar nomenclature and ALL color art. Little changes, like accurate brown emplacement counters ... pillbox arrows, and more make this our best foot forward for the seminal gameplay experience. BLOODY OMAHA EAST also uses a bevy of new counters for the first time!

This is the LATEST and official map presentation and supersedes all earlier editions. In addition to art, there are a few tweaks and a correction here and there to make things NEW again and fresh.

The scenarios are all the latest editions. Color, threehole punched rules and an entirely NEW Landing Scenario Play Aid presentation will make you want to set it all ... up ... and hit the beach!

To differentiate the editions, the new title is BLOODY OMAHA EAST ... and it WILL be just that ... and you can only EXPERIENCE the heroics, pitched battles in miniature ... on Omaha Beach with this product. BLOODY OMAHA EAST links to BLOODY OMAHA WEST to create what Guiness tells us in prelimary application is the WORLD’S LARGEST BOARD WARGAME ... and that’s cool. But where we are at is

... the ability of this massive title (even more massive when combining East + West) to drill down, peer into the tiniest facet of this struggle.

Please note, this game uses standard Omaha-size hexes for the maps. Just like the old days of AHmounted board games, each 24” × 36” playing area is created by 4 folding panels on hard stock.

Ownership of the ASLRB (2nd Edition suggested) is required, plus modules providing German and American nationalities and Chapter G.