#2 "The Ruins Perilous, The Land of Tombs, The Dungeon of No Return"

By: Rite Publishing

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Product Line: Adventure Quarterly (Pathfinder)

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#2 "The Ruins Perilous, The Land of Tombs, The Dungeon of No Return"
Jonathan McAnulty, T.H. Gulliver, Steven Russell
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There’s never enough adventures, right?

Welcome to the second issue of Adventure Quarterly! Adventure Quarterly is dedicated to regularly bringing you fun adventures for your Pathfinder game from new and established voices in the RPG industry. It is our hope that like us, you feel that there’s just never enough adventure out there!

Within this issue you shall find a means for randomized room flavor within a dungeon, a means of testing the mettle of nascent adventurers, what happens when ancient burial rites go awry, an anvil upon which characters break or prove themselves, and some insight into the morale of an encounter. From the talented minds of T.H. Gulliver, Jonathan McAnulty, Steven D. Russell, and Justin Sluder are adventures covering the low-, mid-, and high- level ranges of play. Creighton Broadhurst of Raging Swan Press offers up a creative way to add flavor to any room. Robert N. Emerson shares with us his rules for managing the motivations and spirit of NPCs during a fight.

Adventures are aimed at 1st, 9th, and 18th level characters, with detailed maps, encounters, and NPCs! As a bonus this product also includes the labeled and unlabled maps as separate hi-resolution images!

Who could wish for anything more?

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