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Dragons - The Greatest Stories

By: MJF Books

Type: Novel - Hardcover

Product Line: Fantasy Novels (MJF Books)

Last Stocked on 12/13/2018

Product Info

Dragons - The Greatest Stories
Anne McCaffrey, Ursula K. Le Guin, Gregory Benford
Publish Year
Novel - Hardcover


Enter the Realm of the Dragon

Friend or fiend - symbol of wisdom or embodiment of evil - dragons have inhabited human mythology and imagination since history began. In Asia they were often harbingers of good luck, even of life itself. In the European tradition they have more often epitomized greed, danger, mystery, or deepest forces of darkness.

But whatever their true nature, their serpentine form, glinty scales, leathery wings, and fiery breath have become familiar elements in our world. From video games to Harry Potter novels, dragons bring their special blend of fantasy, mystery, and fierce energy into our lives. They test our skill, our endurance, our courage, call forth our powers of imagination, and uncover our deepest longings. Perhaps that is why they attract the attention of so many talented authors.

This collection by award-winning editor Martin Greenberg covers the scaly spectrum. From hero-dragons to hero's adversaries, from comic to tragic and terrifying, here are dragons to fill a fantastic bestiary, their outlines etched by the best fantasy writers of our time.

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