Redemption - A Game of Tactics and Consequences

By: Silent Spirits Game Studio

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Redemption

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Redemption - A Game of Tactics and Consequences
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Soldier. Captain. Admiral.

When the Shohan invaded, you answered the Terran Sphere's call to arms. As a soldier in the Terran Sphere Navy, be it a marine infiltrating behind enemy lines, the captain of ship fighting at the vanguard, or an admiral in command of the fleets charged with humanity's defense, your actions and their consequences will have an impact on the fates of all the human worlds.

Refugee. Guerilla. Diplomat.

The war's effects extend far beyond the battlefield. Refugees have fled the war altogether, trying to start a new life in the fringes, but it may be a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire. On occupied worlds, resistance groups continue to fight for their freedom, and may have discovered an important clue to the Shohan's hidden motivations in starting the war. Meanwhile, in alien halls of power, diplomats struggle to contain a dozen crises as other powers sense blood in the water.

Redemption is a tabletop Military Sci Fi roleplaying game supporting group play through multiple levels of combat, from firefights to fleet actions, and integrate the results of each level. Beyond the battlefield, the universe of the Fourth Population is a big place and the corebook comes with the tools to make it your own: the same item creation system used to build everything from the Shohan Dreadnoughts to neural interface implants, as well systems to create new sectors of space, and breathe life into it's systems and deal alien races that call it home.

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