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Product Line: Breachworld
Author: Jason Richards
Publish Year: 2014
Pages: 206
Dimensions: 6x9x1"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148535835
Type: Hardcover


The Earth is now populated by roughly as many aliens as humans, and for every friendly otherworldly sentient, two are hostile. Feelings about aliens vary from one group of humans to another and the same can be said for aliens’ feelings toward mankind. Some groups actively hunt one another and some work in peaceful coexistence. Some humans enslave alien races while others are subjugated by them. Some aliens are invaders or travelers while some were displaced to Earth by forces they could not control.

Monsters lurk in the mountains, forests, plains, seas, and skies. Otherworldly beasts often defy description, while some resemble creatures of Earth’s history or legends. Some species have proven able to be broken to wear a saddle or yoke and others seem to have a cunning intelligence that belies their animal form. They are part of a transformed ecosystem, often bringing their habitats with them as vegetation has slowly grown through open Breaches and rests with roots in two worlds.

Breachworld runs on Mini Six by Antipaladin Games, a variation on the OpenD6 ruleset made available to publishers by Open Game License (OGL). The rules incorporate familiar D6 mechanics that we all remember from various West End Games products, but a bit streamlined. Roll against situational difficulties set by the Game Master and root for that exploding “wild die” to come up a 6 time and time again! With one core mechanic, play is fast and intuitive, and easy to learn.