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Across the Aller 1

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Across the Aller 1
Category: War Games
Sub Category: Advanced Squad Leader
Publish Year: 2014
Dimensions: 9x12x.3"
Restockable: Yes
Mfg. part #: CRTATA_1_ASL
Type: Ziplock


CH's tribute to the same battles covered by TOT 2 is aimed at giving you everything they did ... and more. More counters (hundreds and hundreds more, in color), more geo boards (compared to: 0), color scenarios, and a color cardstock folder-style wrap. New color military art throughout. Kreigsmarine-badged MMCs. 'German' colored Waffen SS (not black). New AFVs and Guns. New aircraft. New terrain. The tribute comes in the way of a scenario-for-scenario history, same originating book ("No Triumphant Return"). THIS IS AN ALL NEW PRODUCT AND IS NOT A REPRINT OF TOT 2.

There are a few things you will NOT get in this rendition of this history for ASLers. No 4 point type whatsoever—none of us are getting any younger!—on the scenario cards. Historical summaries are concise, as are SSRs. The hobby has come a long way since then, more rules are in the ASLRB, standard (e.g., Village Terrain [B31.] among other concepts). Overlays are not needed—as production capabilities allow for the provision of new AP-style geomorphic boards—depicting the Aller River, the 'railroad embankment' and more. The new counters provide Ungarisch units in German colors, and other new counters that obviate the need for SSR-treatments. Old geo board are replaced, and a complete collection of color combat counters is provided if you own both sets—just bring your markers.

ACROSS THE ALLER 1 focuses on the Germans—with a sheet of new color die-cut MMC/SMC/SW counters (280 ½ counters), a sheet of 5/8" counters, Chapter H notes, and the first 10 scenarios of the collection (all in color format). You also receive color wrap packaging on heavy stock, and 3 new geomorphic boards in the new AP-style treatment (compatible with all system geo boards).


  • 1 Color Wraparound Cover Sheet
  • Five 16” x 13” Color Cardstock Maps
  • Two Countersheets of 280 Counters
  • One Countersheet of 88 Counters
  • 2 ASL Special Rules Sheets
  • 10 Scenarios
Scenarios included:

  • Boy Warriors – Stolzenau, Germany, April 6th 1945
  • Final Thrusts – Outside of Stolzenau, Germany, April 6th 1945
  • ”Steel-Eyed Boys” – Steimbke, Germany, April 9th 1945
  • Deadly Ambush – On the road to Anderten, Germany, April 10th 1945
  • Strassengabel Strongpoint - Strassengabel Strongpoint, west of Rethem, Germany, April 10th 1945
  • Between the Weset and the Aller – Westen, Germany, April 10th 1945
  • The Other Side of the Tracks – Esse;, Germany, April 10th 1945
  • Welch Return – Outside Rethem, Germany, April 11th 1945
  • Left Flank Failure – Hademstorf, Germany, April 11th 1945
  • Loss of Seekapitan – The Alexander Platz, outside of Essel, Germany, April 11th 1945