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Warhammer Army Case - Green

By: Games Workshop

Type: Supplies

Product Line: Army Transport Cases (Games Workshop)

Last Stocked on 3/10/2020

Product Info

Warhammer Army Case - Green


Citadel Army Figure Cases have been specifically designed to allow you to transport your models in safety. The soft foam inserts have ready-cut slots to securely hold individual miniatures. With a tough plastic exterior and secure locking system, transporting your models in a Figure Case is the best way to avoid breakages and prevent your painted miniatures from chipping.

The Warhammer Army Figure Case contains: three layers of standard Figure Case foam enabling you to transport 108 miniatures, and one layer of deep foam, which you can customize in order to transport large and irregular shaped miniatures. This hard-plastic case is double the size of the Citadel Figure Case and comes with a durable carrying strap.

This edition of the Army Figure case has the Warhammer logo embossed on its front.

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