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Advanced Tobruk (3rd/4th Edition, Cardstock Map Edition, 2016 Printing)

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Advanced Tobruk (3rd/4th Edition, Cardstock Map Edition, 2016 Printing)
Category: War Games
Sub Category: Popular War Games
Publish Year: 2016
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: CRTTB-22C-Full-CSM
Type: Ziplock


This is an official reprint produced by Critical Hit and exclusively available at Noble Knight Games! It is the same game however the maps are printed on the cardstock style of map that Critical Hit began using in 2013.

ADVANCED TOBRUK is a detailed game SYSTEM that allows you to recreate the war in North Africa during World War II. The ultimate tactical level game presentation is coupled with easy-to-understand and use rules and charts to enable you to re-create all the facets of the decisive Gazala battle—Rommel’s most spectacular victory that led directly to his defeat at El Alamein only a few months later. Unlike its predecessor, ADVANCED TOBRUK allows you to experience Gazala AND the entire war in North Africa. ADVANCED TOBRUK includes scenarios from Gazala, Crusader, Battleax, the 1940 campaign and action in Tunisia.

Your investment in the Advanced TOBRUK SYSTEM (ATS) will be rewarded with new ATS MODULES, each covering a different battle during the war in North Africa. And that’s not all! The ATS will be used to depict tactical-level warfare in other theatres of World War II, including Finland, the Eastern Front, Normandy, the Pacific Theatre and others.

ADVANCED TOBRUK delivers breathtaking action and suspense at the scale and detail true tactical-level enthusiasts demand—individual squads, weapons and tanks. All the subtle nuances of tactical level combat are provided by the system: gun duels; separate pivoting turrets; AFV indirect fire; coaxial machine-guns; melee; smoke; armor penetration morale; AFV overruns; and more. And it is all accomplished using a detailed and intuitive system that models tanks using discrete armor values at turret, superstructure, lower hull and track aspects and front, side and rear facings and allows for the realistic use of High Explosive, Armor Piercing, APCR and HEAT ammunition. All this without the need for side notes or plotting moves and in a SOLITAIRE friendly presentation.

BEGIN PLAY ALMOST IMMEDIATELY using the provided BASIC GAME that takes moments to read and get your tanks down on the game map-board within minutes.


A HUGE collection of color die-cut counters in 1/2”, 5/6” and 3/4” sizes, representing the tanks, guns, and infantry that fought in the war in the Western Desert—over 50 unit types;
TWO gorgeous new 22” x 34” GEOMORPHIC desert maps on heavyweight stock that can be linked on any edge—and with additional maps to make a HUGE desert battlefield'
Complete 3.08 rules of play including examples of play;
24 historical scenarios—each on a high quality 8.5” x 11” card with historical summary and photo art
Play Aids on durable stock;
Numerous terrain overlays creating desert tracks, hillocks, wadis, deirs, sand dunes and more interesting topographical features.