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Weltkrieg - Grand Tactical Combat in the 20th Century

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Weltkrieg - Grand Tactical Combat in the 20th Century
Author: Karl Johnson
Publish Year: 2014
Pages: 56
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.25"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148050041
Mfg. part #: LGP2201
Type: Softcover


Weltkrieg allows you to re-create well-known (and not so well-known) battles from the wars of the 20th Century on your tabletop, and change the course of history! Scaled for Grand Tactical representation (one miniatures base = 1 company of troops, with battalions as maneuver units), this first book of the Weltkrieg series includes:

  • Game series rules, divided into Basic, Advanced, and Optional sections for ease of learning;
  • Rules that cover basic combat mechanics, command attributes and troop quality, the use of specialized troops (artillery, scouts, aircraft and anti-air, etc.), night actions, airborne operations, engineering functions, and more;
  • Roughly 180 Data Cards containing the game stats for German and Soviet forces on the Eastern Front, 1941-45, plus a dozen pages of unit organizations for both armies, and a special insert containing the game-equivalent TO&E of Panzergrenadier Division Grossdeutschland at the beginning of the 1942 Fall Blau offensive;
  • Five battle scenarios covering actions throughout the war;
  • Seven 'generic' scenarios that can be used for pick-up games, or as the starting scenario for one of two different types of campaign games;
  • Comprehensive game charts, play aids and markers.

    Weltkrieg uses a semi-alternating turn sequence that keeps players involved in the game instead of waiting around for their opponent to finish their turn before being permitted to take any actions, and incorporates the use of specific unit orders and Command Points that may be expended to perform certain game functions; formations having better command and control will be able to accomplish more during an average game turn than those with lesser force coordination.