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Blood & Honor (Limited Edition)

Blood & Honor (Limited Edition)
Publish Year: 2010
Pages: 172
Dimensions: 8x11x.25"
Restockable: No
Type: Hardcover


This is a game about warring Clans. In samurai literature, the heroes are fragile. Always four feet from death. They die to serve the Clan. Every decision a samurai makes is about his Clan. To reflect that attitude, you’ll find characters in this game are just like their literary counterparts: they are fragile. Don’t get into a fight unless you know you can win. Also, the mechanics reflect the sentiment that the characters are all bit parts in a much larger machine. Identity is almost smothered by duty. Not entirely- and certainly less than if this was a historical game- but players will find that their characters are truly tiny parts of a larger machine. Your character’s personal identity is far less important than his role in the Clan.

Character creation takes a few moments of consideration. Clan creation, on the other hand, is something the entire group should consider carefully.

Finally, a friendly warning.

Samurai literature is filled with stories of men and women forced to choose between love and duty, duty and honor, honor and honesty. These are the kinds of choices you will find in this game. If you’d rather play a game where your character always makes the right choice, always increases his skills, always comes out smelling like a rose...


You have been warned…