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Infamous Adversaries - Slogar the Uncaring

By: Total Party Kill Games

Type: Module

Product Line: Sourcebooks & Supplements (Pathfinder/5E) (Total Party Kill Games)

Last Stocked on 9/15/2017

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Infamous Adversaries - Slogar the Uncaring
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Filthy, haggard, and vicious, Slogar the Uncaring is used as a tale to frighten children into behaving. Followed by his trusted zombie steed, Daisy Pusher, he leaves blood and pain in his wake as he prepares the world for the coming of the end.

The world is filled with colorful characters of many hues. Not all within subscribe to black or white; many are shades of grey. Infamous Adversaries characters, by TPK Games, shows you villains in their true light—insidious. These are not merely NPCs to fill your game; they are villains in the truest sense of the word, complete with stories that don’t just tell the character’s tale, but enrich your game. Our adversaries are not villains because they have evil alignments; they are villains because your players will despise them.

Infamous Adversaries contains: one ready to use villain, complete with equipment, a rich background including motives, history, personality, network, resources, lair, tactics, morale, advancement options, a quote, plot hooks to easily insert them into your campaign, local lore, full color art and a vibrant description. The Infamous Adversaries characters are designed to challenge an entire party; not just in combat, but also through less direct methods requiring careful planning and confrontation.

This Infamous Adversary sourcebook contains Slogar the Uncaring, a half-orc cleric doomsayer and his zombie steed Daisy Pusher.

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